About Us

Roof inspections and evaluations

Since 2001, Roof Guider has been providing expert roof inspections and evaluations. The company is proud to be based in California. We have been a BBB member long enough to receive an A+ rating as well as a longevity award..

As part of our business model, we wait to be invited to examine a roof rather than using salespeople or “door knockers.” We rely on recommendations and the business connections we create and uphold in our neighborhood.

Roof Maintenance

We do maintenance, as well as roof inspections, certifications, assessments, and bids for fixing leaks, replacing a single shingle, or replacing the whole roof. You can typically get an inspection from Roof Guider and/or estimates from three roof contractors within 24 hours of making one call, sending a fax, or sending an email.

We provide free roof inspections to examine the state of your roof before the hail season as well as for maintenance in the spring and fall.We provide bids from three licensed roof contractors for trustworthy, timely roof repair and roof replacement.

Our Mission

Our mission is to simplify all of your roofing needs and deliver complete customer satisfaction through our dependable roof evaluations, inspections, certifications, and estimates for homeowners, real estate agents, home inspectors, property managers, and insurance experts.